As both a technology enthusiast and college student, I figured that writing a post like this could be helpful to others in college or even high school (depending on your allowed use of tech in school). This is a list of the apps/services that I use to stay on top of things for class.

Google Drive

Drive is a great and free alternative to Microsoft Office, and I love being able to access documents on my phone. Also, when it comes to group projects, I tend to suggest Drive to my group for the collaboration features. I am really quite surprised at how many people still carry their files on a USB drive, so if you're on of those people I think you should give Drive or other online office services a try.

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Timetable is an Android app that manages your class schedule, tasks, and quizzes/exams. What makes this different from a typical notes or calendar app is that you have all your class-related stuff in one place and it can do things such as silencing your phone when you're in class. I normally have the schedule and tasks widgets on one of my home screens for quick access and it keeps me on-task for when assignments are due.

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Google Keep

When it's overkill to use Drive for a simple note, or Timetable when it isn't an assignment, I use Keep. It's a really bare note-taking app that is basically a digital equivalent to Post-it notes. I like how it syncs up with my Google account, has the basic yet necessary features, and it recently added the ability to share notes with other people (e.g. shopping lists) which I use with my family.

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If you're trying to improve your lifestyle or work ethic, a great motivator is when you keep track of those things. Trackthisforme is a cool service that I use to keep track of exercise (e.g. number of pushups), sleeping hours, or homework hours.

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Pocket Casts

A good way to stay up to date on what's in your major (in my case, the latest frameworks or web technologies) is to listen to podcasts. There's podcasts on just about anything, and is a great way to pass time while at work or typing up assignments. Pocket Casts is my podcast player of choice. While it's paid, I think the interface and syncing feature is totally worth it. I'll probably write a post soon on which tech podcasts I listen to.

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StudyRoom is basically a social network for college students. You pick your college and courses, and then you can see what other students are sharing about that course. It's a great way of finding out what you've missed in a class, or for creating a study group. This is especially useful for when you're not taking a class together with a friend.

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Amazon Prime

Odds are, you're going to college to get a good job and make a lot of money. Which means you don't have a lot of money now. That's where I highly recommend Prime if you order a lot of stuff from Amazon. Whether it's education related or not, those shipping fees will add up. What's nice with Prime is that you get a student discount, access to other services (Instant Video or Music), and free 2-day shipping. I'm really spoiled with that 2-day shipping now, but I don't regret it.

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That's it. I wanted to keep this list relatively short but if you have any other recommendations please feel free to share them.