Podcasts I Listen To

A curated list of tech, programming, and general podcasts

Podcasts are really great when you commute or need something to make work more interesting. If you're not familiar with them, they're basically "radio shows" but specific to certain topics. Typically podcasts are audio-only, but video versions exist as well. Thanks to the Pocket Casts app, it is really easy to search and add podcasts to your library. Here's mine.

Tech Podcasts

The Vergecast

I've been listening to The Vergecast for a long time, and I really miss Joshua Topolsky's constant cutting people off and rants, but I still like where the podcast is at right now. Obviously you expect tech news much like their website, but they talk about "culture news" or other random stuff sometimes too.

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This Week in Google

TWIT.TV provides a lot of podcasts, but the one that I listen to is This Week in Google. Like the title suggests, the cast mainly talk about Google news, but really anything tech-related goes.

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Daily Tech News Show

DTNS provides daily, short, and to-the-point tech shows. I find it hard to listen to each and every one considering they're daily, but this one is less discussion compared to the other podcasts I've listed so far.

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Android Central Podcast

The Android Central Podcast is a good source for Android-related news, but it can get a bit boring sometimes. I mainly listen after big events (e.g. Google I/O, Nexus announcements).

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Web Development Podcasts


I think I found out about the ShopTalk show through CSS-Tricks, which has been one of the best resources for web design articles and tutorials. The cast of Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, and a guest talk about different coding-related topics and answer listener questions. This podcast is mainly about front-end development, but you might hear about server-side depending on the guest.

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CodePen Radio

If you're building a web app or web-based company, I highly recommend CodePen Radio. The founders talk about the different topics that you normally have to have taken care off while running a web app, such as Software, Backups, and Security.

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The Laravel Podcast

If you use the beautiful Laravel framework, then no doubt listen to The Laravel Podcast. The show is hosted by Shawn McCool. Creator Taylor Otwell and Jeffrey Way (the creator of Laracasts) appear regularly.

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Style Guide Podcast

Style guides are very useful when working with teams, so why not improve yours? The Style Guide Podcast hosts interviews, usually talking about the style guides of popular companies.

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Stuff You Should Know

Just a fun little podcast that answers many questions, typically in the format of "How ____ works." I listen to this podcast whenever I want a general podcast, and I was quite surprised at how much I enjoy listening.

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What do you listen to?

Whether it be gaming, tech, coding, or whatever... what do you listen to? I would love to expand my library with your suggestions.