Redesign and Other Things

Announcing version 2 of the site's redesign

The last time that I posted on this blog was about 3 years back, so it's really awesome to be able to write again. Where have I been? Mainly college and working at my part-time job, but I've been working on things here and there. I'm glad to be back in the web development community though, and to start things off I want to talk about the redesign on my personal site.

The Redesign

I've started working on this design about a year ago, but never got to finishing it. After losing my previous design due to a server failure, I decided that I would just redo everything. Now that most of the web is mobile, I decided that I absolutely needed to make the layout responsive, and I also wanted it to look modern yet simple. I believe this redesign is a good result.

While I mingled a bit with Anchor CMS, I decided that WordPress was just more complete in terms of features. My biggest appeal to Anchor was its Markdown support, but I came across Jetpack Markdown and it's working really well so far. I am also using Prism for highlighting code on the site, CodePen embeds for demos, and I'm sticking with Disqus for comments.

On the development side, I coded everything in Sublime Text and used CodeKit for mainly compiling assets and previewing the site. The icon fonts are provided by the awesome IcoMoon service. I guess I should also mention that this is one of the first times that I've worked on a project locally, and it's a workflow that I'm enjoying so far.

The designing of the logo was done in Sketch because I wanted to have it as a vector. I'm embedding it on the site as an SVG for the browsers that support it.

I think the only "boring" part of the design is the homepage, as there isn't a lot of stuff going on there. I'm planning to fix that in the future. I definitely recommend that you look around all the pages as I've added extra stuff such as the Tech/Setup section.


If you don't know yet, I run a web design company with Kyle McDonald called Ninjality. We recently updated the site with a new design and also added a blog (thanks to Anchor CMS). We've also done a big redesign of Digital Bounds, a tech news site and I am very happy with how it turned out so far. I'm adding this here because that is something that I've been working on during my hiatus.

Hopefully we can do more work for clients in the future, and I will post updates on any work that is worth sharing.

What to expect

I plan to be involved more on the site again, mainly posting code tutorials and updating content when necessary. My Secure Passwords article has received a lot of great feedback and I would like to continue to do stuff like that in the future.

Code-wise, I want to work on Hylus again and maybe even create smaller web apps to expand my portfolio. Other than that, I'm glad to finally release this redesign.